Maine Event- Work Day One

I just walked through the entry way to the church six times to get set up to write this.
Kingford Maine is a quaint little town with the kind of cell reception that has us searching for just the right spot to stand in. My spot is on a gravel driveway, sitting in a folding chair, typing on Barb’s laptop, which is plugged to the inside wall socket via an extansion cord that snakes past Tori and Ray.

We have been joking that several members of the team must be setting some kind of record for most number of sanctuaries painted in one year. Many of the folks who painted at Trinity (one of our home church sites) are applying all that they learned to paint Kingford UMC today. Its been amazing to see what kind of progress a dozen people can make in less then one day.

The host ministry- the United Methodist Economic Ministry- is impressive. Nothing fancy- just a well run organziation.

Site number two has Rick, Ross, Miles, and Gina at the moment. They are working on ripping out a deck and building a new one.

Site three will begin work tomorrow. The family there has a disabled wife/grandmother. She and her husband are raising five grandchildren. We will be installing an access ramp to the house, building a small ramp for a step indoors, and doing other small repairs.

We have been praying for our host families, and have started connecting with them. When we prepared for this trip, we reflected upon the importance of serving with a spirit of love and respect. I can see that Spirit working among us.

On a random note, the gnats love ME (Amy). Everyone warned us about the black flies…so far  I have gnats to report. They don’t bite, and they love me especially. (Must be all the chocolate I eat?)

Our devotional times have been a blessing. Saturday night, at our overnight stop in Manchester Christian, we had a wonderful time together. Our host, Mark, is a gifted guitar player. He joined Ross on guitar, with Miles and Patti singing. We reflected upon 2Cor. 12:1019, especially verse 9. My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness. God works strongest when we are weakest. Good reminder for us as we enter a new space spiritually and physically this week.

After our formal time together was done, the music continued. We sat around for a while longer simply singing along with the “band” and enjoying the presence of God and one another.

Sunday morning worship at Manchester Christian was wonderful. Lots of inspiring ideasa for us to bring home to worship.

Last night, our devotions were in the sanctuary we are now painting. We had read Romasn 12:1-13 together in the morning before worship. So on Sunday night, as we shared how we had seen God that day and how the Scripture spoke to us, two people in particular touched my heart. The first one shared how she sat in the fellowship hall that evening, out of ideas for how she could help with dinner preparations. So she opened to the Scripture, which includes verses on spiritual gifts. What a joy to see God us in a diversity of ways. The second person was struck by verse 13 and showing hospitality to strangers. Just before leaving home, God gave her a chance to so, and she felt affirmed by the Spirit this night.

Clouds are rolling in as I finish this. I am heading inside! Blessed be.


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