Maine Event: Our Last Day

Hello from Kingfield! It’s seems strange that Friday has arrived so quickly. Although we are all tired from busy days of work and joyous nights of fellowship, I’m sure everyone would agree the week has gone by too quickly.

Today we finished up most of our projects. Out at site 3 we completed the wheelchair access ramp (a nice long one with a 90 degree turn), a small ramp inside the house, new front steps, and replacing some porch screen. Our “hosts” at that site are James and Grace. Grace is currently using a wheelchair to get around. James is a very skilled carpenter who is hampered by multiple disc problems in his back. He still is waiting for us every day and ready to help us out either by sharing his knowledge, grabbing a drill or hammer to work on something, or just getting us out of the rain for some coffee and rest. Everyday we’ve all been able to find tasks to work on that we have enjoyed and been rewarded by. Tonight we are all going to their home for a BBQ. AWESOME!

I was supposed to write this yesterday, but we took a field trip to check out some sites. We went to a beautiful waterfall and were able to hike up to the top. Some of us even got in the water(only shin deep for me; COLD). It was a long day of work and site-seeing, which we were all tired from at the end, but we still managed to gather together at the end of the day and praise God and share with one another. It’s been a great week of outstanding friendship and joy. Hopefully I have been able to share as much love as I have received.

George Blakeney


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