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Ashley Reflects on VIM in Kingfield Maine

I have learned so much on this trip. I remember last year everyone was all excited and different and happy after the trip, so I thought that I would come and see what happens. I cam to Kingfield, Maine expecting to have a good time, but instead I had a life-altering experience.

I watched what God does in this world. I have noticed that less “thing” bring out more care in this area. People don’t have all of the material things, but they have huge hearts. Everyone here is so welcoming and I was surprised at the amount of smiles and waves I got from people. I never get that at home. At least not real smiles and real waves.

Being here has made me appreciate the small things in life that make it wonderful. I love this area and I have learned to love God even more than I thought possible. This is an absolutely wonderful and life changing experience.

I am so happy I came. I have formed a bond that did not exist before with 19 people that I now love and trust. Being here and finding God in a new way has changed me.

God bless
Ashley Lacilla July 2010


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